TEC RAPOL entrega mejores soluciones en lo que compete a seguridad y protección para evitar posibles riesgos como "golpeado por", "golpeado contra", atrapamiento, caída mismo o distinto nivel, entre otros.

Security castle.
Inspection door.
Strap lifter.


Safety basket Tec Rapol® It is designed to prevent accidents from falling return rollers on conveyor belts in the ture.

CEMA design of safety basket for return station.
Made of structural steel, SAE 1045, ASTMA A -36.
For rollers up to 7 "in diameter.
Open design to avoid accumulation of material inside.
If you require a custom basket, contact Tec Rapol® personnel for evaluation.

Inspection Door

They have the function of avoiding being hit by the material, as well as being able to visualize the load when it falls.

Made of ASTM A-36 steel (door and grille).
Double rubber seal for pollution control.
It can be made to measure if the client requires it.


The main problem in dry areas is fine material containment and dust formation. Nurseries Tec Rapol® They offer various solutions so that the material is not expelled into the environment, reliable and highly durable.


Equipment designed to generate the greatest possible tightening of the Ccnveyor nurseries to chute, better controlling the pollution generated by the fall of material.

Made of ASTM A-36 steel.
Easy installation and adjustment through the option of moving the clamping element, adapting to the state of the chute.
Length per clamp unit: 600mm and 1000mm, depending on customer requirements.

Strap Lifter

Versatile equipment that manages to reduce the general maintenance times on any strap, avoiding the risk of treatment.

Made of ASTM A-36 steel.
Use of Slings to lift the strap.
Proven and simulated mechanical resistance using finite element.
Versatility in its anchorage, adapting to all types of strap width.

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