He CENTRAPOL® Load is based on an improved load reception system that allows quick activation, better balancing and overall performance. Does not cause damage to the sides of the strap.

Central Pivot
The moment the belt leaves its center moving over the lateral rollers, these cause the CENTRAPOL to rotate on its central pivot, directing the belt towards its center again.

- Variable trough angle
- Adjustable to various table widths
- Metal covers that eliminate the possibility of fire and axial displacement due to excessive effort

Specifications and Benefits


Equipment that only needs direct contact with the strap and does not use any external mechanism to center the strap.


Equipment prepared to withstand any type of unforeseen event that occurs on site, protecting both the structures and the belt from possible accidents.

High Durability

Equipment made of structural steel, calibrated pipes / pipes, and the best coatings at national and international level, ensuring maximum quality and durability of the product.

Zero Maintenance

The main characteristic is that once installed, the equipment does not need any type of maintenance in its basic structural and functional components.


Load entry equipment consisting of a single roller, sail rollers (rubber, polyurethane or metal) and encapsulated pivot system.

It allows adjustment in height, angle and anchor width (width per dimension).
Pivot encapsulated with bearings, ensures complete protection to the operation.
Models covered in rubber or polyurethane 12.3 mm thick.
Maintenance free.
Interchangeable pin.
Manufactured under the CEMA standard, available in three versions:
Unidirectional load
Heavy Duty Load (HD)
Reversible load.

Basic Dimensions CENTRAPOL® LOAD

Basic Dimensions Centrapol® Simple Return

Basic Dimensions Centrapol® Double Return

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