Centraconic® charging

Design based on the Tec Rapol ® “Tracking Quantity Motion” concept, which allows you to detect the misalignment of the Conveyor Belt using the principle of tangential speed difference.
When the system detects this variation, it automatically reacts seeking to equalize speeds correcting the misalignment event.


Equipment within the Tec Rapol® centering range, suitable for belts with erratic centering problems.


Regulation both in height, angle and width. The equipment adapts to your conditions, preventing them from being changed.

High durability

Equipment made of structural steel, calibrated pipes / pipes, and the best coatings nationwide, ensuring maximum product quality and durability.


Interchangeable rollers between loading and return models, very practical and easy to install.


CENTRACONIC® loading is a centering type equipment, it consists of three coated rollers, two conical sides and a central one (rubber or polyurethane depending on the application).

Base operation due to the physical law of conservation of momentum.
Variable dimension between bolts, by means of adjustable arms.
The center pivot, made of SAE-1045 steel and carefully protected in the structure, grants the characteristic movement of the centering device, designed to work every time the conveyor belt is misaligned, thus extending the life of the belt.
There are two versions of this equipment:
Bi-directional charging
Load a directional


RANGE 18 "TO 36"

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RANGE 18 "TO 36"

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RANGE 18 "TO 36"

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