Keeping your strap clean, you also need a solution that removes any material that the primary cleaner cannot remove. Our team, with their tungsten carbide blades, ensure performance and maintainability.

Specifications and Benefits

TEC RAPOL primary scraper in its easy change version, has a superior structure on which the blade is mounted; the aforementioned manages to free the mouth of the base structure allowing to reduce the times of leaf change and general maintenance. This configuration is ideal to avoid work in confined spaces that may cause a risk to the worker, as well as reducing maintenance times, ensuring a longer availability time for the belt. It includes an inspection door that is installed in the transfer chute, improving the maintenance of the scraper designed according to the blade so that the removal in the chute is as expeditious as possible


Disponible con hojas rectas y de tipo reversible, fabricadas en acero tungsteno y soporte de caucho con alma metálica. También disponible con hoja de poliuretano para carga húmeda.


2 types of tensioners according to application, fixed and mobile type.


Conventional Secondary.
Secondary Plow in V (V-Plow).


Equipment that adapts to any width of structure due to its telescopic characteristics.

Easy Change Scraper

Scrapers Easy change Tec Rapol® They are paramount on your conveyor belt. Like the conventional primary scraper, it efficiently removes accumulated material, but it is easier to exchange sheets when it comes to maintenance.

Redesigned with the aim of improving maintainability.
Homologation with primary scraper.
Disassembly system that reduces the number of people needed, while reducing the time to replace the blade with greater overall security.
Includes inspection doors.

Basic Dimensions Easy Change Scraper

The equipment height quota is based on the height of each sheet to which 150 mm must be added.

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Range 18 "to 36/1 THENROSS® Tensioner 38" "

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Range 42 "to 54" / 2 Tensioner THENROSS® 38 "

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Range 60 "to 96" / 2 Tensioner THENROSS® 45 "

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Polyurethane sheets

Polyurethane sheets, its main characteristics being its high hardness and resistance to abrasion.

Range 60 "to 96" / 2 Tensioner THENROSS® 45 "

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